Crosley Golf - Golf Instruction



With CrosleyGolf you get the opportunity for the best of both worlds.

We can use the indoor Golf Garage, with its high tech launch monitor, high speed video, pressure mats, and many other training aids. It is an air conditioned facility that can accommodate multiple students at the same time. It is great to change swings for the better, and have the improved data to back up the changes (better distance, better direction, or just better contact).

Winter availability (November thru April)

Sundays – All Day
Tuesdays – All Day
Thursday – Afternoon/evenings
Friday - Mornings

With CrosleyGolf, we can also use the range, short game areas, and course at Willowcreek/Willowbrook. It's great to be able to hit off of great turf. Also being able to practice short game, in multiple areas. Nothing better than being able to practice and test your swing outdoors with its different environments (wind, slope, sun, temperature).

Winter availability (November thru April)

Wednesdays – All Day
Thursdays – Mornings
Saturdays – All Day